About OARS


Our commitment to recovery and focus on dual-diagnosis and client satisfaction is second to none.

We offer an array of services, flexible scheduling, and have the latest technology to implement care to those who want and need to recover. Sobriety is our primary business, not a sideline or hobby. We understand the impact drug addiction has and how to bring the right elements together for successful intervention and clean living.

We are creative, and our number-one goal is quality results producing drug and alcohol-free clients who are ready to return to their families and to continue to be productive, alcohol and/or drug-free citizens.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide individualized, patient-centered, and compassionate drug and alcohol treatment. All patients have a unique pathway towards a place of better health, which can only be achieved by a compassionate and caring approach that is patient-centered, individualized, and multi-dimensional in nature. In order to recover successfully, from this debilitating and potentially fatal chronic disease, care will be available throughout the course of our patient’s lives.